Impact and harm of poor quality parts on the engine

Date:2019-12-23Source:Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Monopoly Development Co., Ltd.

1. Use low-priced filter paper to make the filter element. Due to its large pore diameter, poor uniformity, and low filtration efficiency, it cannot effectively filter harmful impurities to the engine, causing early engine wear.

2. Use low-quality adhesive with very little amount. It is neither oil-resistant nor can't be firmly bonded, which causes short circuit at the filter element bonding area; or staples are used at the joints of the filter element, which cannot be sealed and short-circuited, causing a lot of harmful impurities to enter. Engine, reducing engine life.

3. Replace the oil-resistant rubber parts with ordinary rubber parts. During the use or due to the internal seal seal failure, the internal short-circuit of the filter may cause early wear of the engine, reduce the life span, or cause the external seal to expand and deform, resulting in the external seal of the oil filter. Extruding the ring, a large amount of oil drained in a short time, causing the engine to burn the bushes and hold the shaft, and suffered severe damage.

4. Spot welding is used instead of seam welding at the welding part of the air filter shell components, which cannot guarantee the tightness and form a short circuit.

5. The central tube material of the oil filter is thin and thick, and the strength is not enough. During the use, the central tube sucks, the filter element is damaged and the oil circuit is blocked, resulting in insufficient engine lubrication; or the reliability at the bite is poor, and the bite is pulled during use On, causing a large amount of oil to leak in a short period of time, resulting in bush burning and shaft entrapment.

6. Metal parts such as the end cap, central tube, and housing of the filter element are not subjected to anti-rust treatment, which causes the metal to rust and produce impurities, making the filter a source of pollution. What's more, replacing cement with cement is more harmful.

Therefore, the cost of inferior filters is very high, and users are advised to be careful when replacing the filters. It is best to choose original accessories to avoid unnecessary economic losses.